13" Twin Eagles Freestanding Grill Attachment Double Side Burners


Size: 13"


Type: Natural Gas (NG)

Natural Gas (NG)
Liquid Propane (LP)
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Add versatility to your outdoor kitchen with a Twin Eagles Double Side Burner for your Twin Eagles freestanding grill. Two 17,500 BTU dual ring sealed burners will be the perfect complement to your grill, so you can simultaneously boil and stir-fry, saute or simmer. The one-piece stainless steel “S” grate allows for easy maneuverability of pots and pans between burners.

  • Two 17,000 BTU sealed dual ring burners allow you to prepare multiple dishes at once
  • Recessed top for protection from the wind and easy cleaning
  • Indigo Blue Exclusive Control Illumination matches Twin Eagles grills
  • Designed for use with all Twin Eagles 30, 36, 42, 54-inch grill carts

This Twin Eagles cart mounted side burner features premium stainless steel construction with a seamless front panel with high polished accents, and two 17,500 BTU dual ring sealed burners that allow for greater heat distribution. The control knobs have Exclusive Control Illumination which features a highly visible graduated indigo blue line and the control indicator notch illuminates to give a precise control setting. The built-in wind guard helps protect against wind while the one-piece stainless steel S grate allows for easy maneuverability of pots and pans on smooth surface. A matching stainless steel cover is included to protect the burners when not in use. This side burner is designed to attach to all Twin Eagles 30"/36"/42"/54"-inch grill carts.