Twin Eagles Electric Heater With TEIC Control


Size: 39"/2500W

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Electric radiant heater.

Our energy-efficient electric radiant heater maintains a warm, comfortable atmosphere on cool nights. Designed for installation at lower heights (6-8 feet), this heater maximizes heat where you need it most. We make the parabolic reflector of a special corrosive resistant alloy, an essential feature for humid climates or windy areas. Perfect for spending cozy nights on the porch or deck.

  • Energy efficient design converts 90% of input energy directly to radiant heat
  • Length: 61”, Volts: 240, Watts: 3500, Amps: 14.6
  • Swivel mounting brackets allow 6″ of clearance behind heater
  • UL-approved
  • Parabolic reflector made of corrosive resistant alloy to withstand wind and humidity